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Deluxe Travel Tattoo Kit

Superior construction! Built to last a lifetime! One hand carrying convenience! Includes: Two Soft touch tattoo machines, one liner machine with a stainless steel diamond tip tube and one shader machine with a stainless steel round shader tube, complete with needles. One 12 volt, one amp, variable D.C. power supply. One foot switch. Three extra needles : 1 single, 1 five, 1 three. Seven 2 ounce bottles of PRIZM colors. Eight great color design sheets and matching sheets of line drawings for stencils. Two sheets of pre-made stencils. One stencil pencil. Two drawing pencils. One eye loop. One point file. One pack of 50 #10 ink caps. One five hole ink cap holder. Two packs of antibiotic ointment. Surgical latex gloves Two spray bottles. Superior gold membership certificate. One package of 50 appointment cards. All packaged in a high impact travel case. FREE! color catalog.